Monday, April 21, 2014

Fayette County Garden Tour, Garden Four

This Saturday, April 26th, the Fayette County Master Gardener's will host a tour of five gardens. Our garden will be the fourth stop on the tour. There will be four other gardens that are outstanding. Garden One features a 34 acre woodland paradise with a musical stream, Native Azaleas and a granite shoals. Garden Two is similar to a Charleston row house courtyard with an Italian fountain. Garden Three features the largest conifer collection south of Atlanta and 75 varieties of Japanese Maples. Garden Five offers ideas for entertaining featuring a landscaped patio, pool and water feature. 
Our garden has a variety of Native Azaleas

  Dogwoods, Lenten Roses and Hydrangeas
Many shade loving plants, such as a variety of ferns and Hostas and Spider Wort-
A  water feature
Screened porch
If your're in the area please drop by!  Although, I am not a Master Gardner, I'm honored to be included on this tour. I would love to see you and the proceeds go to a great cause!
The Fayette Citizen has published and article about this tour. As soon as it's on line I will post the link.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Vintage Kitchen Table Refinished- An Old Friend Comes Home

Stripping Supplies: old brush, stripper, plastic wrap and a scrapper (not shown)
I covered the table with Citristrip and then added plastic wrap to help keep the stripper moist. The plastic wrap seems to speed the stripping process along.  I tested a spot after 30 minutes to see if the table was ready to scrap.
The old stain and spar varnish peeled off very well. This table did require two applications of stripper to completely remove the old finish. I wiped it down with mineral spirit and fine steel wool after this process.
I added wood filler to the gaps on the top. Follow the directions on the filler for drying time.
I gently sanded the top with a palm sander and 220 grit sand paper. I didn't want to remove the imperfections; I like the character they provide.  I had planned to paint the base and band of this table black, but after I stripped it I decided to strip the band under the table and try to match the pedestal.  I added stains to an old stake to have some idea of the color of each stain. This table is about 95 years old. It is the kitchen table that we used when I was a child and it has been in storage for 20 years. My parents refinished it when they bought it. In storage, the top and band aged differently from the bottom.  The cool thing about this table is the pedestal slides, on rails, to stay centered as leaves are added to it. 
First I added Minwax Golden Oak, then I added a mix of Golden Oak and Early American. The table was still too light, so I added Dark Walnut. I still need another coat of Dark Walnut. I had no idea how difficult it would be to match this older stain! The oak pedestal has a lot of brown in it.

 One mistake I made was not darkening the stain earlier in the process of staining the table. It did reach a saturation point on the wood. The top and band are lighter than I wanted, but I'm okay them. These are also the original kitchen chairs that I painted black.

I'm so happy to have this table in our home! I have so many fond memories of this table from my childhood!
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Sunday, March 23, 2014

A Tiny Change In The Dining Room

This is an older picture of our dining room. Notice the chair rail and wainscoting have contrasting colors.
The wainscoting received  a wee update- it's a semi-gloss white now. It's a subtle difference, but makes this look more like paneling than the two toned painting did.
Between Naps On The Porch inspired me. I already had the picture frame molding, so I just needed to paint. 
I don't have a good closeup of the mirror before I added the black paint to the gold. I wanted to tone the gold down a bit. It was so easy; I just  randomly wiped on a satin black paint on top of the gold.
Now, my next project is new drapes!  I'm thinking long silk panels that puddle. Any thoughts?
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Friday, March 21, 2014

Laundry Room Artwork & Freezer Paper Transfers

 Recently, I updated our laundry room here

I had these frames that held fern prints. I had already painted them black some time ago. I wanted some laundry room themed items in them now. I choose the top graphic from Dorothy Sue and Millie B. and the lower graphic from The Graphic's Fairy

I decided to transfer the graphics to fabric; I chose heavy drop cloth fabric. Additional supplies will be, freezer Paper, scissors and an ink jet printer with colored ink.

 I cut the fabric and Freezer paper the same size as a sheet of printer paper- 8.5"X11". Iron (no steam) the freezer paper, shiny side down, to the fabric. This provides the transfer medium and the stiffness to feed this through your printer.

 I took pictures of  this process when I was making a Halloween project (graphic from The Graphic's Fairy).
This is my computer screen and the settings I chose for my 8"X10" frame. I used 8'X10" frames for the laundry room too.  Oops, disregard the mouse arrow! I chose full page photo and unchecked the "fit picture to frame" box. Guide the paper/fabric through your printer with your hand, if needed. 

 This graphic printed well.

 Trim your piece to fit your frame. I outlined this piece with a Sharpie pen. Peel the freezer paper off of the fabric and you have instant artwork. Burlap works well too. This process can be used to make banners, framed artwork, pillows, etc. I have also used an iron on transfer paper or woodworker's tool to transfer a graphic to fabric; this is just another fun way to transfer a graphic.
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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Changes to the Laundry Room

I have some rooms that are long over due on updating; the laundry room is one of them.  I stenciled these birdhouses on the walls in 2000. Where did the time go? Do you ever feel that way?

The laundry room is on the front of the house. It's open to the kitchen all the time. Wow, it's looking tired and dated! Yikes, country heart shelving!

I added the black shelving and lower half of a hutch I painted here. I love the hutch half, but not here. It's time to paint this room!

The room required two coats of stain blocker to cover the stencils.

 I painted this room the same color as the kitchen, Summer Resort, by Sherwin Williams.

 A friend built the shelf for me. I love it! I had him hang it higher,so clothing wouldn't hang in the laundry sink. Just look at the details he added; iron work on the handmade korbels.

 I painted this tray with the help of a graphic from The Graphic's Fairy.

I also painted this sign.

Now, I like the black shelving. I did purchase this table from The Bramble Company. It's smaller than the hutch half and a better fit!

I took down the birdhouses and added my Grandmother's everyday china. It's a Noritake pattern called The Ceylon, from 1900.  It has a rim of black with pink flowers!  

 A tiny flower holder -

I painted made this chalkboard from a display piece here. Originally, I added a French graphic, but later changed it to this bird, from The Graphic's Fairy.

A new fixture and this room is finished!
I'm thrilled to have the pink walls gone!
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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Verdigris Painting For Concrete and Metal Statues

Thoughts of Spring make me want to spend time in the garden. I love to "spiffy up" before Spring arrives and that includes painting my statues, birdbaths and sundial.
I have way too much "yard art", but I love it. Some is metal and some concrete. It's peeling and rusting, so it's time to paint.  
I'll spare you the photos of all the steps and just write how I achieved this finish.
First, I wired brushed the items, both concrete and metal, to remove any flaking paint. After wiping them down, I spray painted them with Rustoleum Seaside Gloss indoor/outdoor paint with primer. In years past I brushed these, but I couldn't find this color or a similar one in a can. I let them dry completely. Then, I added Rustoleum black paint with a chip brush and wiped it off with a paper towel until I achieved the verdigris finish I liked. After this paint dried, I top coated each piece with a spray acrylic paint. Be sure to paint the bottom of the object too.
It's personal preference as to how much blue/green you want to show though the the black. You can always go back and add more black, if desired.
Not bad for twenty year old items.
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I'm dreaming of Spring in this 70 degree weather! 

Monday, January 27, 2014

Valentine's Day Mantels & Some Great Deals

I know ya'll recognize our porch!  I know I show it all the time; I'm sorry! I just wanted to share some good deals, that are available, if you decorate for Valentine's Day. Decorating in red, for Valentines' Day, is new for me. Usually, I use pink and white and just do a few vignettes. Blogland has inspired me to branch out a little.
I found this rag garland at Michael's for 50% off. It was $7.50; I couldn't have made it for that and then add my time! The red heart lights were $3, at Target. I added  fuzzy hearts from the Dollar Store to fluff it a bit. 
The felt hearts are from Target's $1 bin- what a deal!
All are so simple and easy! 

I know you also recognize the mantel in the office. Previously, I shared "The Key To My Heart" craft, on the right.

I had these vintage postcards, from the 1880's. Don't you love their handwriting? 

I found this banner at Hobby Lobby for $5.25. Usually. I make one, but again, add in material and time and this was a better deal, for me. I added Ric-Rack trim and the roses. The roses were on sale for $4 for 12 and I had the red Ric-Rack. My blogging friend, Dana, at The Starfish Studio, makes the cutest Ric-Rack flowers! She has a beautiful blog, gorgeous photos and is very creative. I know you will be thrilled you stopped by her blog!  

 I tore the bindings off of paper backed books that I use for crafting and added these starched, red, burlap hearts. This covers the center speaker under the tv.  

I'm such a fan of toile- to me, it's timeless and romantic and these urns have cherubs on them.
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